Current information about the Coronavirus

Please keep a distande of 1.5 meters

Please keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other passengers when waiting at the bus stops and in our vehicles if possible. Ideally you should look for your own seating group or bench within a generous distance to other people. Thank you!

Special timetable for light rail and bus

The SSB has limited its offer to a special timetable in order to be able to provide the people of Stuttgart with a predictable and reliable mobility offer in the coming weeks.  SSB will subsequently monitor demand in the morning, lunch and evening hours and adapt its offer to the developing conditions.

Currently, the following applies to the light rail system:

The light rail lines generally run according to the Sunday timetable. The following light rail lines run Mo. to Fr. every 15 minutes from about 5 a.m. on the specified route:

  • U1 Fellbach - Vaihingen
    Fellbach 5:06 am
    Vaihingen 5:58 am
  • U2 Neugereut - Botnang
    Neugereut 4:57 am
    Botnang 5:46 am
  • U4 Untertürkheim - Hölderlinplatz
    Untertürkheim 4:50 am
    Hölderlinplatz 5:33 am
    from Charlottenplatz direction Untertürkheim 5:02 am
  • U6 Gerlingen - Möhringen (section)
    Gerlingen 4:56 am
    Möhringen Bahnhof 4:03 am
    80-metre trains
  • U7 Mönchfeld - Ostfildern
    Mönchfeld 5:05 am
    Ostfildern 5:38 am
    80-metre trains
  • U9 Heslach Vogelrain - Hedelfingen
    Heslach Vogelrain 5:14
    Hedelfingen 4:44 am
  • U12 Mühlhausen - Möhringen (section)
    Mühlhausen 4:52 am
    Möhringen Bahnhof 4:43 am
    80-metre trains
  • U15 Stammheim - Ruhbank
    Stammheim 4:57 am
    Ruhbank 5:40 am

The light rail lines U8, U16 and U19 do not operate and the U34 only runs between 8:00 and 22:00.

Currently valid for the bus:

Buses run from Monday to Saturday according to the Saturday timetable. On Sunday the Sunday timetable applies. Articulated buses are increasingly used on the bus routes.

  • No operation on lines 50, 54, 71 and 80, X1, X2 and X7   
  • The line 72 does not serve the stop Rübezahlweg
  • The line 91 ends all day at the Forsthaus
  • The night buses do not run

It is important to the SSB that passengers and SSB staff are able to follow the currently applicable distance and hygiene rules in public transport for their own protection and for the protection of all.

SSB passengers can find information on this additional service on the digital channels of SSB and VVS.

Night bus service stopped

SSB will discontinue its night bus service until further notice.

Note on handling time tickets and subscriptions

At present, many passengers would like to know how the VVS deals with time tickets or subscriptions, in view of the Corona pandemic, it is not possible to use the buses and trains in the VVS to the usual extent for a longer period of time. Together with the transport companies and the public authorities, we are trying to find a solution for this. However, we ask our passengers for their understanding if we need some more time to answer this question in view of the extraordinary crisis situation.

Our transport companies are facing very great challenges. With our trains and buses, we ensure, for example, that hospital staff, police, utility companies and food retailers can get to and from work and home, that children are taken to emergency services and that older people can go to the pharmacy. That is why the top priority for us now is to provide a reliable service for people who are dependent on public transport even in these difficult times.

We ask for your patience. We will inform you in due course. Please also bear in mind that the personnel situation in public transport is currently very tense - as in other sectors.

No ticket sales on the bus

The front door of the SSB buses will remain closed until further notice. No tickets will be sold in the SSB buses until further notice. Our drivers are on the road for you all day long. To ensure that everyone reaches their destination in good health, we ask you to keep your distance.

However, as passengers are only allowed to board the bus with a valid ticket, we recommend buying tickets in advance through other sales channels, for example as moble ticket via the apps SSB Move, VVS Mobil and DB Navigator or via the ticket shop on the SSB website. A single ticket is even cheaper via mobile phone than on the bus. There are also ticket machines and sales points (pdf) available for ticket purchase.

If there is no ticket machine at the starting station or if it is defective and if it is not possible to buy a ticket in any other way, the ticket must be purchased at the transfer or destination stop.

The VVS Conditions of Carriage and Tariff Regulations apply:

Light rail doors are opened centrally

Until further notice, the SSB will open the doors of the light rail vehicles centrally at all stops. In buses the doors cannot be opened or closed centrally.

Event traffic with U11 and U19

If events in the NeckarPark are cancelled, the event lines U11 (Hauptbahnhof <-> NeckarPark (Stadium)) and U19 (Bad Cannstatt Wilhelmsplatz <-> NeckarPark (Stadium)) are also not running.

Further information and hygiene instructions

The SSB follows the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. The Robert Koch Institute reports cases of infection in all federal states. The risk to the health of the population in Germany is currently estimated to be high overall.  The risk of illness for the population in Germany is regularly reviewed by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin.

Please continue to observe the following hygiene measures in public transport - as with influenza:

  • It is best to sneeze or cough into a disposable handkerchief. If no handkerchief is handy, you should keep the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly several times a day.
  • Avoid close contact and keep your distance to sick people.

Current situation report of the Robert Koch Institute on COVID-19

COVID-19 pages from the World Health Organization (WHO)