Current information about the Coronavirus

Status: August 3rd, 2020

All customer centres open again

The customer center at the main station is now also open again. The current opening hours are:

Monday to Friday09:30 - 18:00
Saturday (Charlottenplatz only)10:00 - 14:00

Ticket sales on the bus

In buses with a large separating window at the driver's side, the front doors are opened again so that you can safely buy a ticket from the driver. The first door remains closed and the first row of seats after the driver's area is locked if no large separating window is (yet) installed at the driver's seat.

Night buses are running again

Night buses have been running again since June, 18th. Light railways and buses also run the regular, posted timetable.

The cycle-tourist trips (Rad-Tourer) of the bus line 92 between Rotebühlplatz and Forsthaus 2 run again with the bicycle trailer.

Further information on the timetables of the S-Bahn and regional transport lines can be found here:

Please put on everyday masks and keep sufficient distance.

An everyday mask must be put on when using public transport. This applies in the vehicles and at the stops or platforms. This will protect you from other passengers. Please bring your mask yourself.

When waiting at the stops and in our vehicles, please keep sufficient distance from other passengers if possible. Ideally, you should find your own seating group or bench within easy reach of other people. Many thanks!


The state government of Baden-Württemberg has once again stressed that public transport is considered a "critical infrastructure" and that it must be ensured that trains and buses continue to run. Since 4 May, the regular, posted timetable has been in effect again. Even before that, we have been running a reliable basic service. In this way, we ensure that employees in hospitals, the police, banks, energy supply and the food trade can get to their jobs and back home, that children are taken to emergency care and that fellow citizens can go to the pharmacy. Even in the greatest crisis, we must maintain mobility in order to be able to guarantee not only medical care but also the supply of food, electricity, money and waste disposal. To finance this basic service, we are compulsorily dependent on the income from fares.

There is good news for all parents and students who use the Scool subscription:
The state capital Stuttgart and the districts of Esslingen, Ludwigsburg, Böblingen and Rems-Murr have decided to take over the monthly rates for the months of May and June. Therefore, there will be no debit at the beginning of the respective month for Scool subscriptions for which a debit was made in April. You do not have to do anything for this. The validity of the Scool subscription remains uninterrupted. The costs will be borne by the state capital Stuttgart and the districts of the Verbundlandkreise, supported, among other things, by the emergency aid programme for families set up by the state.

Light rail vehicle doors are opened automatically

Until further notice, the SSB will open the doors of the light rail vehicles automatically at all stops. In buses the doors cannot be opened or closed automatically.

Event traffic with U11 and U19

If events in the NeckarPark are cancelled, the event lines U11 (Hauptbahnhof <-> NeckarPark (Stadium)) and U19 (Bad Cannstatt Wilhelmsplatz <-> NeckarPark (Stadium)) are also not running.

Further information and hygiene instructions

The SSB follows the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. The Robert Koch Institute reports cases of infection in all federal states. The risk to the health of the population in Germany is currently estimated to be high overall.  The risk of illness for the population in Germany is regularly reviewed by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin.

Please continue to observe the following hygiene measures in public transport - as with influenza:

  • It is best to sneeze or cough into a disposable handkerchief. If no handkerchief is handy, you should keep the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly several times a day.
  • Avoid close contact and keep your distance to sick people.

Current situation report of the Robert Koch Institute on COVID-19

COVID-19 pages from the World Health Organization (WHO)